About Us

Our Mission



HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS is committed to deliver the services required by the clients compatible with international standards, tagged with the State of the Art which calls for the collaboration of expertise in various fields, embraced under our firm, to deliver packages of services with high commitment, liability and reliability while securing the sought quality and functional standards.

  • Providing new ideas and more advanced solutions.
  • Developing a level of creative design with excellence and Daring solutions.
  • Designing energy-efficient buildings to provide a better life and promising future.
  • Delivering the highest quality design and construction services, which are already implemented along our 30 Years’ experience.

Our Vision & Design Philosophy


Visualizing the long term impact on the environment, life of people and buildings is where we start the design process. Recognizing potentials and challenges, imagining possibilities, envisioning the energy of the realized project, and creating design strategies, this is where good architecture takes shape.

By consistently exceeding perceived limitations, we create projects that heighten expectations, strengthen relationships, and broaden appreciation.

At HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS, we embrace and promote the inherent power of architecture with imagination and purpose.

HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS with its significant architectural creativity fostered with highly professional outlook, outstanding and distinguished experience in the fields of Bioclimatic Architectural design, Energy Efficient buildings, and Master Planning are put together to bring about a reliable and competent architects and engineers team.

Our Thoughts

hanihasan_newAuthentic architecture must understand the power of human relations. It’s about People, Nature and Energy, an ongoing effort of civilizations decade after decade,

Century after century, to cross new borders of knowledge in order to achieve beauty, comfort, resiliency, development and environmental values to achieve maximum efficiency through sustainability.

I believe Architecture is the language of villages, cities, and nations, poor and rich, individuals and communities, expressed through their structures.

I believe Architecture should help lead us to a better life as we continue to learn from people and nature.

I believe Architecture enables us to transform design ideas into places and spaces that serve us and generations yet unborn

Hani Hassan

Firm History


firmHANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS” is an architectural consultation firm founded in Bogota’ – Colombia in 1985 and established in Ramallah – Palestine in 1997 by  Hani Hassan, a passionate and committed architect, who leads a group of talented architects and engineers under the name of Hani Hassan Architects.

HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS is privately owned local firm, managed by Arch. Hani Hassan.

HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS is one of the leading, and prestigious Consultants in Palestine.

HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS has extensive range of experiences acquired through its 30 years of establishment. The period through which delivered the services for and supervised the construction of over 150 projects, of an approximate total area of 350,000 Meter Square, with total value near to 400,000,000 US dollars, in Colombia, USA, Palestine and Jordan.