About Us

Our Mission


HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS is committed to deliver the services required by the clients, in World-Class Consultancy services ‎compatible with international standards, tagged with the State of the Art which calls for the collaboration of expertise in ‎various fields, embraced under our firm, which is capable to deliver packages of services with high commitment, liability and ‎reliability while securing the sought quality and functional standards

  • Providing new ideas and more advanced solutions. ‎
  • Developing a level of creative design with excellence and Daring solutions.‎
  • Designing energy-efficient buildings to provide a better life and future.‎
  • Delivering the highest quality design and construction services, which are already implemented along our 20 Years ‎experience

Our Vision


Visualizing the long term impact on the environment, life of people and buildings is where we start the design process. ‎Recognizing potentials and challenges, imagining possibilities, envisioning the energy of the realized project, this is where good ‎architecture takes shape.‎

By consistently exceeding perceived limitations, we create projects that heighten expectations, strengthen relationships, and ‎broaden appreciation. ‎

At HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS, we embrace and promote the inherent power of architecture with imagination and purpose. ‎

HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS with it’s significant architectural creativity fostered with highly professional outlook, outstanding ‎and distinguished experience in the fields of Bioclimatic Architectural design, Energy Efficient buildings, and Master Planning ‎are put together to bring about a reliable and competent architects and engineers group. ‎

Our Thoughts



Authentic architecture must understand the power of human relations. It’s about People, Nature and Climate, an ongoing ‎effort of civilizations decade after decade, century after century, to cross new borders of knowledge in order to achieve beauty, ‎comfort, resiliency, economic and environmental values.‎

I believe Architecture is the language of villages, cities, and nations, poor and rich, individuals and communities, expressed ‎through their structures. Architecture should help lead us to a better life as we continue to learn from people and nature.‎

Architecture enables us to transform design ideas into places and spaces that serve us and generations yet unborn.

Firm History


‎“HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS” is an architectural consultation firm founded in Bogota’ – Colombia in 1985 and established in ‎Ramallah – Palestine in 1997 by A/E Hani Hassan, a passionate and committed architect, who leads a group of talented ‎architects and engineers under the name of Hani Hassan Architects.‎

HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS motivated to allocate highly skilled and devoted local professionals to conclude and finalize ‎assignments in a manner tagged with State of Art.‎

HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS is privately owned medium local size firm, managed by Arch. Hani Hassan. ‎

HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS is one of the leading, creative and prestigious Consultants in Ramallah and Palestine – West Bank.‎

HANI HASSAN ARCHITECTS has extensive range of experiences acquired through its 25 years of establishment and operation. ‎The period through which, HANI HASSAN has delivered the services for and supervised the construction of over 110 projects, of ‎an approximate total area of 800,000 Meter Square, with total value near to 190,000,000 US dollars, in Colombia, Palestine ‎and Jordan.